Inspiration from Across the Pond

© Scott Patterson | Dreamstime Stock Photos

© Scott Patterson | Dreamstime Stock Photos

I just found out about a forthcoming book called Stories of the Great Turning, which features first-person accounts of Brits who are transforming their lives in inspiring ways. According to Vala Publishers:

“These are the stories of just a few people who decided to act, in their own lives, in response to the challenges of climate change and environmental degradation, and found their own way to make a difference. They are not stories about celebrities, environmental geeks or gurus but honest accounts from people who…’just got on with it.’

It is a book that takes the question, ‘What can I do?’ and sets out to find some answers using one of our species’ most vital skills: the ability to tell stories in which to spread knowledge, ideas, inspiration and hope.”

Kindred spirits if there ever were. And there’s a foreword by beloved eco-activist Joanna Macy, and I think you know how much I adore her. (“Now is the time to clothe ourselves in our true authority.” –from the Foreword.)

I’m invited to the book launch next month. Exciting! It’s in Bristol, England, so I won’t be there, but still!

2 thoughts on “Inspiration from Across the Pond

  1. I actually don’t know the story behind it–I found it on Dreamstime in the free photos section while looking for images. I mean it to be metaphorical more than anything. Water wearing away the stone, the wheel turning mirroring the Great Turning, etc. I thought it also seemed like an interesting melding of human-made and nature-made–humans harnessing nature in a noninvasive way. Given that water is a huge issue the world over, it just seemed to fit.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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