About Shawndra

Me PaintingMennonite by birth, mystic by nature, Shawndra Miller is a writer and energy worker who lives in Indianapolis.

She has written about changemakers at the leading edge of eco-agriculture for Acres USA and Farm Indiana, among other periodicals, and has blogged about  community resilience and personal transformation since 2013.

A certified ThetaHealer®, she offers one-on-one energy work, classes, and collaborative events that connect people to a wider sense of what’s possible in their bodies, energies, lives, and the larger world. Tailoring sessions to each client, she blends energetic and emotional clearing methods that she mastered during a decade of recovery from fibromyalgia.

Her lyric essays and poetry have appeared in Confrontation Magazine, The Boiler Journal, and The Lavender Review. A two-time recipient of Indiana Arts Commission’s Individual Artist grant, she is currently working on a nonfiction book that links her healing journey to wider societal healing, represented by a farm built atop the buried remains of a 19th century women’s mental institution.