About Shawndra

Me PaintingMennonite by birth, mystic by nature, Shawndra Miller is a writer and energy worker who lives in Indianapolis.

She has written about changemakers at the leading edge of eco-agriculture for Acres USA and Farm Indiana, among other periodicals, and has blogged about  community resilience and personal transformation since 2013.

A certified Soul Realignment® practitioner, she offers one-on-one energy realignment sessions, Soul Realignment readings, and classes that connect people to a wider sense of what’s possible in their bodies, energies, lives, and the larger world. See more about this transformational work on the Spacious Light Intuitive Arts page and on Facebook.

Her lyric essays and poetry have appeared in Confrontation Magazine, The Boiler Journal, The Lavender Review, and Arts & Letters, which selected her essay for its Unclassifiable award in 2017. A two-time recipient of Indiana Arts Commission’s Individual Artist grant, she is currently working on a nonfiction book that links her healing journey to wider societal healing, represented by a farm built atop the buried remains of a 19th century women’s mental institution.