Here is an excerpt of my writing portfolio:

       Beautiful Balance, Kit Magazine, July 2020

Fish Story, Flying Island, November 2019

Congregant, Flying Island, April 2019

Alternative Grain Gains, Acres USA, April 2018

Work Smarter, Not Harder, Acres USA, December 2017

The Gift of the Fungi, Topology Magazine, July 2017

Market Farming in Suburbia, Acres USA, July 2017

Beyond Question, Farm Indiana, December 2016

Pasture PerfectFarm Indiana, October 2016

Cheap but HealthyFarm Indiana, September 2016

Sunny OutlookFarm Indiana, August 2016

A Special Place, Farm Indiana, July 2016

In Good HandsFarm Indiana, May 2016

To Swim InfinitudeConfrontation Magazine, Spring 2016

To a Young Cicada in August, BurningWord Journal, January 2016

Hive in the Sky, Farm Indiana, October 2015

A Midwinter Oasis, Farm Indiana, September 2015

New Ground Rules, Acres USA, September 2015

In the Stars, Farm Indiana, August 2015

Well-Grounded, Farm Indiana, July 2015

A Good Cause, Farm Indiana, June 2015

Well-nourished, Farm Indiana, April 2015

A Fun Guy, Farm Indiana, April 2015

Urban Growth: Seven Steeples Brings New Life to Once-Forgotten Ground, Farm Indiana, March 2015

A People’s Movement, Farm Indiana, February 2015

Building Community, Soil & Knowledge, Acres USA, February 2015

One Man’s Trash, Farm Indiana, January 2015

The Accidental Farmer, Farm Indiana, December 2014

From Sap to Syrup, Farm Indiana, December 2014

Going with the Grain, Farm Indiana, November 2014

In Harmony with Nature, Farm Indiana, November 2014

Full of Potential, Farm Indiana, October 2014

Heaven on Earth, Farm Indiana, September 2014

Cooperative Offers Rural Rebirth, Acres USA, July 2014

Rooted in the Soil: Sterling Formulations Offers Earth-Friendly Field Treatments, Farm Indiana, July 2014

Tower Power: A Bloomington inventor hopes to help people grow their own food, Farm Indiana, May 2014

Women in Agriculture, Farm Indiana, May 2014

HOME in the Heartland, Farm Indiana, April 2014

The Four Seasons: Freedom Valley Farm Grows All Year Long, Farm Indiana, April 2014

Wine Sellers, Farm Indiana, March 2014

Moore Corner Store: Natural Foods in Wanamaker, Nuvo, March 2014

Hernandia Establo: Home of the “Fine Step” Horse, Farm Indiana, February 2014

Seeds of Thought, Farm Indiana, February 2014

Reimag(in)ing the City, Nuvo, January 2014

Caretakers of the Land, Farm Indiana, January 2014

To Green his Cells, The Boiler Journal, Summer 2013

KI EcoCenter: Cultivating Creativity in the New Economy, Indiana Living Green, May 2013

Ants and the apocalypse: It’s not the end of the world to eat bugs, Indiana Living Green, December 2012

A Jewel in the City: South Circle Farm Models Urban Agriculture, Edible Indy, Fall 2012

Wild Things: Nothing’s More Local, Organic or Affordable than Foraged FareEdible Indy, Summer 2012

Discards find new life at the hands of preschoolers, Indiana Living Green, May 2012

Syruping Tradition Gets Sweeter with Time at Orchard SchoolEdible Indy, Spring 2012

Taking it Outside: Schools Grow Future Foodies and GardenersEdible Indy, Fall 2011

Winds of Change: When it comes to renewable energy sources in Indiana, progress is in the air, Indiana Living Green, August 2011

Replace, reuse, recycle: The plastic bag conundrum, Indiana Living Green, August 2011

At Traders Point Creamery, Farm to Table is a Way of LifeEdible Indy, Summer 2011

The real cost of bottled water, Indiana Living Green, June 2011

Garden smarts: Many central Indiana schools are learning that gardening is a great way to teach kids about food, health, and a whole lot more, Indiana Living Green, April 2011

Sun does the summer cooking, Indianapolis Star, January 2010

Seattle homeowner talks pros, cons of green building, Angie’s List Magazine Seattle market, April 2008